The Field

Here are some of the designers that inspires me.



Eyal Hirsh – Tail Stool

Tail Stool

Eyal Hirsh - Tail Stool

This design reveals the possible relationship people can have with furniture and objects around the house. The stool is creature-like, and has a strong personality in it. It attracts people to play with it.




Hara Design Institute- HAPTIC 2004


In 2004, Hara Design Studio has an exhibition a haptic study. Artists, designers and creative people all came together and created some very sensorial pieces. They were asked to start by designing the sensory experience instead of the appearance of the objects.

Geta - Shuhei Hasado

KAMI TAMA2 - Kosuke Tsumura

Juice Skin - Naoto Fukasawa

Gel Remote Control - Panasonic Design Company





Héctor Serrano: Super Patata


This touchable light changes people’s expectation and perception to light – it is tangible.

Raw Edges: Booken/ Pivot

Both designs has added a twist to our everyday life by presenting an usual function of a furniture in an unusual way. Booken 2


Booken is a bookshelf that completes itself when user hang their books on its slats. The books are then transformed to a surface, where you can write, read and store things on.

Pivot Desk: Vanity


Pivot and Pivot Desk are drawers that doesn’t really look like drawers.



Tokujin Yoshioka: Venus Crystal Chair

VENUS Natural Crystal Chair

Tokujin Yoshioka uses extraordinary materials to tell stories. He grew a crystal chair to arouse discussion and thoughts on ecology issues.


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