Immediate Observation

I started observing myself in daily life.


I just moved 1~2 months ago to this room. As I was busy (and lazy) I did not unpack every thing, and still have boxes of stuff lying around my floor for a long time. It was a mess- until my friend came to visit me. And I took 2 hours on that morning to clean up, and presented my room as the following:


My Room 1 SMALL My Room 2 SMALL



I was surprised that it only took 2 hours to clean up. I have had many spare 2 hours before this morning, but I have always thought this is gonna take me 2 days to clean, so I did not start doing anything to clean up the mess.

It is hard to estimate time and effort. It would be good if cleaning is more attractive and exciting to do.



I have also observed how people store things- how cabinets and drawers and cupboards work in houses:

My-Cabniet-SMALL My-fridge-SMALL


Eeleen-Cabniet-2-SMALL Eeleen-Cabniet-3-SMALL

Eeleen-Cabniet-5-SMALL Eeleen-Cabniet-6-SMALL

Indah-Cabniet-1-SMALL Indah-Cabniet-2-SMALL

Indah-Cabniet-3-SMALL Indah-Cabniet-4-SMALL Indah-Cabniet-5-SMALL Indah-Cabniet-6-SMALL Indah-Cabniet-7-SMALL Indah-Cabniet-8-SMALL Indah-Cabniet-9-SMALL


Indah-Kitchen-2-SMALL Indah-Kitchen-Overview-SMALL Indah-Kitchen-SMALL Indah-Toliet-SMALL


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