Otaku Culture

Japanese otaku culture is a growing and spreading subculture.

It seems to hint on how emotional attachments can be created between people and objects.


Otaku is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests (similar to the meaning of ‘geek’ in english). Originally, the term specifically refers to those with interest on anime, manga and games (ACG), and was quite negative. However, recently the definition has been widen and not only refers to people who loves ACG, but also refers to those with obsessive interest and in depth knowledge of other subcultures. The meaning of the word has also becomes more neutral.

Still, many of the otakus are low in social abilities and are living in their own imaginary 2-Dimensional world, and is obsessed with the respective merchandises, and extremely value them. A strong emotional bound exists between the owner and the merchandises.


Extreme Otaku Rooms:

Otaku Room

Otaku Image








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