Different Kinds of Emotional Relationship

I realised there are various types of emotional relationship between people and objects.


  1. Relationship built though the creation of  the object
    -T loves her bike because she mix and matched the gears and picked the colours for every single component of the bike.
  2. Relationship developed though time and using experience
    -D loves her bolster because she have been sleeping with it and she is very used to having it.
  3. Memory transferred from one object to another
    (will be updated)
  4. Memory kept for a specific object and refused to be replace
    -I once lost my favourite white Lamy pen.When I buy a new one, I decided not to in the same colour. So my white pen will be forever special to me, and if I am lucky enough and found the pen, I will not have two of the same pen.
  5. Memento (of person/event)
    -C treasures a ring from her auntie whom has passed away; A loves her guitar because it was the guitar played by her dad.
  6. Important due to the story of acquiring/ receiving the object
    -E treasures her sketchbook because it is from a person who encouraged her to draw and develop her arty cells.
  7. Like it just by the first glance (colour/texture/ shape/ imagination of using…etc)
    -J likes his wallet’s design since years ago when his friend used it
  8. Like the way the object touches/ hold (colour/texture/ shape/ size/ way to be use…etc)
    -S likes how her soft toy touches like an animal
    -L likes how her little soft toy bunny can be hold by one hand with its head popping out
    -K likes his pair of shorts because it is comfy so even it has torn apart can couldn’t be worn again, he still keeps it
  9. Object became important because it is lost
    -D remembers his favourite toy car because it was the first time for him to experience lost. He does not remember the other toys he had, but only the one he had lost.

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