The Uncomfortable

Katerina Kamprani, an architect based in Athens, has designed The Uncomfortable – a collection of objects to twist the meaning of objects. She redesigns ordinary objects in a way that they remain usable, but are uncomfortable to be use.


Rain Boots

 Watering Can

Concrete Umbrella

Furry Plate

Kamprani explains this project on its facebook page as “a collection of deliberately inconvenient everyday objects, started as a twisted sadistic design project. It messed up its creator’s head (and the heads of people she knows). It exists in sketches and 3-D visualizations and has no meaningful purpose. It’s a parasite in the world of materialism and design.”

This collection inspires me to think of how people use their daily object, why and what are they trying to complete by using the objects. What is implied by the form and material of objects?


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