CATable 1

CATable is designed by Ruan Hao (阮昊),a designer of the LYCS architecture firm. The table is designed for cats and their owners. Cat owners can use the table surface as their desk, while cats can use it as a playground. We all know cats love to sneak into tiny holes and they are curious of everything. With built in tunnels for cats to burrow and felines to explore, cats can enjoy discovering and playing by themselves when their owners are focusing on their work, or enjoying their meals. It will be less likely for the cats to jump onto your computer to mess with your work or to steal your food from your plate. Owners and cats then can enjoy the same space together. With the semi-opened tunnels and holes, cat owners can share their cats’ adventurous explorations and interact to their pets in a whole new level.

CATable 2

CATable 3

CATable 4


The CATable is an inspirational example of embedding body languages and interaction in the shape of an object.


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