Modifications On Household Objects

Hot Glue Sissors

Scissors that cannot cut.


Manikin Peeler

Manikin Peeler- a servant to help.



Mirror Chair

Mirror Chair- The world extends from your bottom.


Shell Spoon

Shell Spoon- Twisting the way you eat.


Hair Spray Sock

Hair-sprayed Sock-  Hollow, From soft to hard.


Toliet Paper Lamp

Toliet Paper Roll Lamp- Perfect bedside lamp for allergic noses.




///Other Material Explorations-

Cling Cling

Fluffy Little Jar


I have realised that the topic of household objects is very board.
It is a good idea to narrow it down to kitchenware/ tableware/ utensils and focus on the design of dinning experience.

Kitchen Ware


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