Annotated Bibliography (/reading list)

Here is a list of articles/ chapter of books I found related to the study.
Once reading of an article/ chapter is completed, annotation will be updated.
Click on the links to read more.


  1. Emotional Design- Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things
  2. The Design of Everyday Things
  3. Design and Emotion
  4. In Praise of Shadows
  5. Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designer, Poets & Philosophers
  6. Designing Products with Added Emotional Value- Development and Appllcation of an Approach for Research Through Design – Desmet, Pieter; Overbeeke, Kees; Tax, Stefan
  7. A Multilayered Model of Product Emotions- Desmet, Pieter
  8. Customer Emotional Needs in Product Design
  9. Emotion as a cognitive artifact and the design implications for products that are perceived as pleasurable
  10. Exploring and enhancing the home experience
  11. Framework of Product Experience- Pieter Desmet, Paul Hekkert
  12. From Disgust to Desire- How Products Elicit Emotions
  13. Let’s make things engaging
  14. Product design, semantics and emotional response
  15. Push me, shove me and I show you how you feel- recognising mood from emotionally rich interaction
  16. Seeing things- consumer response to the visual domain in product design
  17. Special Issue Editorial-Design & Emotion
  18. The Emotion Aware Office Chair
  19. Touch me, hit me and I know how you feel- a design approach to emotionally rich interaction
  20. Visual product evaluation- exploring users’ emotional relationships with products

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