Modifications On Household Objects

Hot Glue Sissors

Scissors that cannot cut.


Manikin Peeler

Manikin Peeler- a servant to help.



Mirror Chair

Mirror Chair- The world extends from your bottom.


Shell Spoon

Shell Spoon- Twisting the way you eat.


Hair Spray Sock

Hair-sprayed Sock-  Hollow, From soft to hard.


Toliet Paper Lamp

Toliet Paper Roll Lamp- Perfect bedside lamp for allergic noses.




///Other Material Explorations-

Cling Cling

Fluffy Little Jar


I have realised that the topic of household objects is very board.
It is a good idea to narrow it down to kitchenware/ tableware/ utensils and focus on the design of dinning experience.

Kitchen Ware


Essay Idea

Questions in mind:

Are there objects the can evoke more user emotion than the others? How? How to imply body language in objects?

Create stories between user and objects?


Imply body language in objects to evoke user emotion upon objects.

What will be discussed:
Emotional Attachment/ Sensory/ Body Language/ Visual Language

In context of whose ideas:
Donald A. Norman: Emotional Design



Why Emotional Design

I want to design products that bring people a smile- not for a second or a season, but for years.

By observing others around me and myself over the years, I have discovered many “fully functional” designs that satisfy people’s need are not necessarily able to gain user’s love and appreciation. They may be tools that do the job, but they may not be loved nor cherished. Once a nicer, more attractive substitute appears in the market, such design may be replaced quickly and no longer be used. This has greatly shortened a product’s life, and waste is created.

I feel sorry for those products. But without having an emotional relationship between the user and the product, this waste is hard to avoid.

Therefore, to design better objects/ products that last, the study of emotional relationship between object and user is necessary. I believe if user loves a product from their heart, and truly enjoy using it and interacting with it, not only the user will be happy, and have a better, more enjoyable live, the product will also be cherished and take care of. Hence, it will be able to function through its expected life span (or even longer!), and unnecessary waste can be reduced.

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